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Welcome to the Alcator C-Mod wiki!

Since the beginning of the project, knowledge at the Alcator experiment has been orally handed down from generation to generation. Although this process has indeed worked for many years I strongly believe it can be improved by means of written references anyone can read and modify. Enjoy! - O. Meneghini

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Alcator C-Mod

Alcator C-Mod is the only high field, high density, diverted tokamak in the world and is in many areas the highest performance tokamak in the United States. C-Mod’s primary heating is through RF as opposed to neutral beams meaning that no strong momentum sources are introduced. Typically hydrogen minority ion cyclotron resonance heating (ICRH) is used. C-Mod’s reactor relevant density leads to high collisionality which strongly couples ions and electrons such that Ti = Te, as expected in a reactor. C-Mod also uses high-Z, molybdenum walls as opposed to most machines which use graphite or other low-Z materials. Alcator_Parameters

Alcator C-Mod history

Each year, the Reports to the President collects the annual reports of MIT's academic and administrative units among which the one of the PSFC (former PFC), summarizing the year's goals, accomplishments, honors and awards, and future plans. A good way to start digging into the past!

Earlier reports are available at Institute Archives & Special Collections.

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